Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tunestone never stop rockin'!!!! This 9 June 07, Imagica Music Community collaborate with Disarm Records organise a gig called DICISA FEST n hopefully it will be a continous gig held every month. This is a project between Wan of Imagica Music Community and Peja of Disarm Records which try to enhance newcomErs' network thru 2 labels ie Disarm n Imagica.

Okay, the gig will be held at Tunestone Klang. The admission will be RM15 per entry thru door. But as usual, crowds can get valuable price for the admission thru bands involve in this gig. Maybe, RM15 admission plus cd demo ke, less than rm15 ke, RM10 dapat majalah/zine ker??? mcm2 laaaa lagi yg akan dioffer oleh bands. So...... kalau nak dapat valuable admission u (crowds) can contact bands involve in this gig!!!

tenkgiu arigatoo yihaaaa!!!!