Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beauty Harmony & Destrcution.. Amende Tu???

Sorry for the long delay updating this blog. There's nothing news to be shared wif u guys. So, its better for me to Bertapa cari awek dulu....miahahahahahaha...

Recently me have a chat wif Joe i.e founder of Gegey Music thru Yahoo Messenger. N me asked if there s a project Imagica can join. Well he proposed me a project called Beauty Harmony & Destruction....... wat waz it? Basically, its a GEGEY MUSIC compilation launching project, perhaps it wil be a gig at ANNAXE CENTRAL MARKET in which all bands involve in the compilation shall play at the gig.
He planned to make the gig after this Raya. Hmmmm..... me took several minutes to think about his offer. Well, as for me, its really gud to have a collaboration wif well known indie label like Gegey, perhaps, we, Imagica, can learned sumthing frm them aite???
So, me accept this offer.

Just wait, and i believed this would be a booooominggg project after the Raya. Hiihihihihihi..... (syok sndrik)

Ok arrr...chow sin dulu.