Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy 2008!!

Yo.. Its been a long time for me to update this blog. Honestly, im not into blogging. Im more on myspace. hehehehehe...

Anyway just want to wish u guys a NICE 2008!!!

This year we, iMAGICA team had planned a few projects to be done this year. But this year we'r more focusing on Indie/Alternative/Acoustic music. In other words, we planned to push this kind of music.

Previously, yuppp... our objective is try to provide platform to all newcomers in our Indie Scene, regardless, what kind of music. But, rite now we can see dat there's a load of labels, even clothing label, have shined back our scene. Tabik springggg sikit to all these team who try to shine up our scene!!! So, we think, we should moved to another phase.

Hmmmm...why indie? why alternative? why acoustic? Why??? Why???

As for us, those kind of music can be categorised as an easy listening stuff. The purpose is to create a scene in which everyone can accept the music. How to explain ek???

as we can see, most crowds who attend a gig is guy... how many pretty chics we can see in a gig? And most people who came to a gig are Malay people... Wheres the Chinese and the Indians go?

Diorang tak suka music ka? How can.......

As what we'v discoverd, those people prefer like to hang out at a party or at any relaxing place.

In a party, what kind of music they play? A kind of music which can be accepted by everyone, rite?

We are not being offense with those bands which play heavy music or anymusic relate to it.

It just we'r trying to create a scene in which everyone can support and comfort with it. So, as our 1st step this year, we r focusing on thse kind of music.

These are our 2008 objectives!!!

To gather all peoples, regardless what sex u are, what race u are as log as it creates a supportive spirits among us!!!