Monday, October 20, 2008

Meet the duo

The name Botaq & Ayid might sounds unfamiliar among independent music lovers but the fact is both of the names are the main backbone of 2 most rated bands in Shah Alam and Klang Valley. The frontman also founder of the band called Lydias Diery has been rocking with his band for more than 50 stages around peninsula since 2005. Plus, he’s the man behind our community i.e. Imagica Music Community that exposed a lot of new bands/musicians in the indie scene. Not just that, he’s the also the person accountable for the pre-launch album’s trilogy for the most rated local retro band i.e. The Times last March 2008.

To those music lovers stay in Klang might hear the name of Sonic Mush who most of the time grabbed top 3 places in every Battle of The Bands happened in Klang. Previously, Ayid was the singer of Sonic Mush who then changed his position as the drummer of the band. He was 2 times entitled as the best vocalist in Karnival Universiti Malaya Battle of The Bands 2006 and Klang Youth Fest 2007.

As the article being noted, both Botaq & Ayid has just finished their first duo performance for the launching of new Burger King Outlet in Shah Alam.

“Ayid and I were town buddies in Shah Alam and at the beginning we’re just having fun ‘acousticing’ together each time I hang out at Ayid’s home. Until one day, I proposed an idea to Ayid to come out with an acoustic stuff and Ayid agreed with the idea,” explained Botaq.

“We then wrote songs in which I’m more influenced to Sweedish Pop style while Ayid more on UK band and a bit of soft grunge. So, in this duo, u may hear Pop, Rock N Roll, Grunge and we also try to infuse a bit of Irama Malaysia elements in our duo project. All these we did in acoustic style without drum and any guitar efx,” added Botaq.

More interesting in this is that both Botaq and Ayid duet to song their songs where Ayid’s voice alike to Eddie Vadder of Pearl Jam blended together with Botaq’s poppish voice that may goose bump you guys out there.

“As for now, we already have 6 songs but unfortunately none of these songs being recorded properly except for one song entitled Kisah Cinta Nasi Lemak where we do a homemade record as a promo for people out there to get know about our music. Sorry for the quality of the sounds that’s sooooooo rare….. hehehehehee”

Get in touched with Botaq & Ayid at

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Now it is Imagica Magic Resources

No. Syarikat : (SA 0075948-H)
F-10-6, Mawar Sari Apartment,
Jalan 17/56, Ampang Ulu Kelang,
54200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 013-2486327 email:


Event Organizer
• Mini Concert
• Sports Tournament
• Battle of The Band
• Arts

Event Management
• Public Conference
• Emcee
• PA System and Music Equipment Rental
• Dee Jay
• Exclusive Events
• Wedding
• Public Relations

Photography Service
• Advertisements
• Events / Wedding
• Photo editing


‘We are creating magic for the nation and creating magic for our name’

Success has so much to do with a sense of vision – the ability to look forward with confidence and purpose and to reflect with pride on real achievements.

The IMAGICA story charts the evolution of a visionary attitude, a style of business with responsiveness to changing markets, client needs and times.

This started since 2006, when Imagica Magic Resources broke ground for its operation as a freelance art community under the name of Imagica Music Community.

We have since grown from strength to strength over the years and have been involved in a broad range of entertainment projects – event organizers, event management, PA system and music equipment rental service, photography service, public relations as well as printing agent.

Whatever the job demands, IMAGICA delivers. In the process the company has not just created many of entertainment projects, but has formulated the deliver techniques and procedures that have been needed to make them successful.

IMAGICA is not an organization that rests on its past successes. It is constantly evolving, adapting and refining its services, on the lookout for new frontiers and opportunities, fostering and sustaining ongoing relationships with clients and partners.

We’re dedicated at all times to do the best job we possibly can – to perform, to deliver and to exceed expectations. Everything we serve is aimed toward making us a better company.

There are two key elements to the IMAGICA approach. Both are integral to an ongoing objective to create better, more cost effective and productive business solutions.

The first of these key elements is communication, understanding the clients’ needs, ensuring clear and open channels of communication to progress the project with a minimum of fuss and to facilitate fast and efficient problem solving, if and when the need arises.

The other key factor is flexibility. IMAGICA provides a strong and focused project management team while providing clients and partners with variety in their preferred method of delivery.


‘We always believe success comes with support and teamwork’’

Fundamental to the success of Imagica Magic Resources is the firm support of our IMAGICA team. Our teamwork lends a personal touch to help us a steady climb toward excellence.

MOHAMAD AIZWAN BIN ALI (founder/project manager)

Date of birth: 16 June 1982

Education background:
• Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan St Michael Ipoh, Perak
• Certificate in Accounting, Perak Institute of Technology
• Diploma in Accounting, UiTM Perak
• Advance Diploma of Chartered Institute of Management Accountant (CIMA),
UiTM Shah Alam

Working Experiences:
• Market Reseacher @ Taylor Nelson Sofres (2005)
• Accounts Executive@ Norazu Sdn Bhd (2005 – 2007)
• Accounts Officer @ Liziz Group Sdn Bhd (2007)

NURUL FAIZAL BIN AZMI (public relation team leader)

Date of Birth: 24 November 1983

Education background:
• Sekolah Menengah SAAS Kajang
• Diploma In Computer and Information System, Universiti Malaya
• Degree In Audio Engineering, ICOM

Working Experience:
• Senior Art Director @ Channel Right Advert Co. (2003 – 2005)
• Singer of Junio Hustle Hip Hop Band @ EMI Records Malaysia

MOHD NOOR EDZUAN (photographer)

Date of birth: 17 February 1984

Education background:
• Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Yussuf, Batu Gajah, Perak
• Certificate in Computer Science, Shahputra, Kuantan, Pahang.
• Certificate Level 1-3 in Computer and Networking, E.D.I College.

Working Experiences:
• Computer & Network Technician @ IpTech Holdings Sdn Bhd (2005)
• Computer, Network & Streamyx Technician @ IQIE Information And Comunnication Technology (2005)
• Computer Installer & Network Technician @ Malaysian Information And Technology Sdn Bhd (2006)
• Web Master / Web Operation / Computer & Network Technician @ Cinema Online Sdn Bhd. (2006-2007)
• Freelance photographer (weddings, events, sports, production house etc) (2008)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy 2008!!

Yo.. Its been a long time for me to update this blog. Honestly, im not into blogging. Im more on myspace. hehehehehe...

Anyway just want to wish u guys a NICE 2008!!!

This year we, iMAGICA team had planned a few projects to be done this year. But this year we'r more focusing on Indie/Alternative/Acoustic music. In other words, we planned to push this kind of music.

Previously, yuppp... our objective is try to provide platform to all newcomers in our Indie Scene, regardless, what kind of music. But, rite now we can see dat there's a load of labels, even clothing label, have shined back our scene. Tabik springggg sikit to all these team who try to shine up our scene!!! So, we think, we should moved to another phase.

Hmmmm...why indie? why alternative? why acoustic? Why??? Why???

As for us, those kind of music can be categorised as an easy listening stuff. The purpose is to create a scene in which everyone can accept the music. How to explain ek???

as we can see, most crowds who attend a gig is guy... how many pretty chics we can see in a gig? And most people who came to a gig are Malay people... Wheres the Chinese and the Indians go?

Diorang tak suka music ka? How can.......

As what we'v discoverd, those people prefer like to hang out at a party or at any relaxing place.

In a party, what kind of music they play? A kind of music which can be accepted by everyone, rite?

We are not being offense with those bands which play heavy music or anymusic relate to it.

It just we'r trying to create a scene in which everyone can support and comfort with it. So, as our 1st step this year, we r focusing on thse kind of music.

These are our 2008 objectives!!!

To gather all peoples, regardless what sex u are, what race u are as log as it creates a supportive spirits among us!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Y2K live in Klang

Wanna see this punk rock guy gigging??? This 17th November 2007 , Tunestone Entertainment, 31c Lorong Kepayang Off Jalan Meru 4 Klang. Admission will be RM15.

Congrato and salute to Y2K!!!

Masked punk rock band Y2K triumphed at Malaysia’s first-ever GBOB Challenge National Finals held on November 3 at Kuala Lumpur’s filled-to-capacity Club 18. Aside from the honour of representing Malaysia at the World Finals in London, Y2K also walked away with RM50,000 Ringgit Malaysia (approximately USD15,000) and inclusion in a commemorative GBOB Challenge Malaysia 2007 compilation album to be produced by Life Records.

Old school rockers Revenge came in close second in their full hard rock and heavy metal glory to clinch the RM10,000 (approximately USD3,000) Ringgit Malaysia runner up cash prize. The Malaysian leg was concluded after a six-month search that has seen over 65 bands registering for the national competition and where 15 remained to battle it out over two successive nights of preliminaries held on November 1 & 2, also at Club 18. Y2K first blasted onto the local indie music scene in 2002 with each member bringing their unique influences and origins into the mix, fusing genres and languages, the group still retain the pop-punk ethos. Y2K recently finished their debut album, “Pizza Salsa”, a blistering barrage of pop, punk rock, hip-hop, metal and ska in English, Malay, French and Japanese. Y2K have been a staple of the Malaysian music scene since their formation, busily playing show after show throughout Kuala Lumpur, Terrenganu, Penang, Melaka, Johor Bahru and Singapore, building up their reputation as excellent showmen. They performed at the Fat Festival in Thailand, the Duduluran Rock Fest in Bandung, Indonesia and the last Rock the World Festival.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beauty Harmony & Destrcution.. Amende Tu???

Sorry for the long delay updating this blog. There's nothing news to be shared wif u guys. So, its better for me to Bertapa cari awek dulu....miahahahahahaha...

Recently me have a chat wif Joe i.e founder of Gegey Music thru Yahoo Messenger. N me asked if there s a project Imagica can join. Well he proposed me a project called Beauty Harmony & Destruction....... wat waz it? Basically, its a GEGEY MUSIC compilation launching project, perhaps it wil be a gig at ANNAXE CENTRAL MARKET in which all bands involve in the compilation shall play at the gig.
He planned to make the gig after this Raya. Hmmmm..... me took several minutes to think about his offer. Well, as for me, its really gud to have a collaboration wif well known indie label like Gegey, perhaps, we, Imagica, can learned sumthing frm them aite???
So, me accept this offer.

Just wait, and i believed this would be a booooominggg project after the Raya. Hiihihihihihi..... (syok sndrik)

Ok arrr...chow sin dulu.


Thursday, August 23, 2007



I made this Flash Music Player at