Monday, October 20, 2008

Meet the duo

The name Botaq & Ayid might sounds unfamiliar among independent music lovers but the fact is both of the names are the main backbone of 2 most rated bands in Shah Alam and Klang Valley. The frontman also founder of the band called Lydias Diery has been rocking with his band for more than 50 stages around peninsula since 2005. Plus, he’s the man behind our community i.e. Imagica Music Community that exposed a lot of new bands/musicians in the indie scene. Not just that, he’s the also the person accountable for the pre-launch album’s trilogy for the most rated local retro band i.e. The Times last March 2008.

To those music lovers stay in Klang might hear the name of Sonic Mush who most of the time grabbed top 3 places in every Battle of The Bands happened in Klang. Previously, Ayid was the singer of Sonic Mush who then changed his position as the drummer of the band. He was 2 times entitled as the best vocalist in Karnival Universiti Malaya Battle of The Bands 2006 and Klang Youth Fest 2007.

As the article being noted, both Botaq & Ayid has just finished their first duo performance for the launching of new Burger King Outlet in Shah Alam.

“Ayid and I were town buddies in Shah Alam and at the beginning we’re just having fun ‘acousticing’ together each time I hang out at Ayid’s home. Until one day, I proposed an idea to Ayid to come out with an acoustic stuff and Ayid agreed with the idea,” explained Botaq.

“We then wrote songs in which I’m more influenced to Sweedish Pop style while Ayid more on UK band and a bit of soft grunge. So, in this duo, u may hear Pop, Rock N Roll, Grunge and we also try to infuse a bit of Irama Malaysia elements in our duo project. All these we did in acoustic style without drum and any guitar efx,” added Botaq.

More interesting in this is that both Botaq and Ayid duet to song their songs where Ayid’s voice alike to Eddie Vadder of Pearl Jam blended together with Botaq’s poppish voice that may goose bump you guys out there.

“As for now, we already have 6 songs but unfortunately none of these songs being recorded properly except for one song entitled Kisah Cinta Nasi Lemak where we do a homemade record as a promo for people out there to get know about our music. Sorry for the quality of the sounds that’s sooooooo rare….. hehehehehee”

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